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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  October 13, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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for him to take it upon himself to record it or a fraternity prank is disgusting. >> a man accused of a disturbing rime. peeping on women in local dressing rooms. where he's accused of doing this ahead. a 4 year old eats fries laced with pot. her mother wants answers. arapahoe deputies are looking for people involved in the shooting of a teenager. a 17 year old was expected to survive. this happened at midnight on east florida avenue. deputies looking for two black men in a silver chevy impa la. good morning, i'm mitch jelniker. >> and i'm dayle cedars. let's go to lisa hiialgo. here's a look at your first
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morgan. it's not nearly as thick or widespread across the plains this morning. a few showers overnight mainly on the western slope, even light snow snt mountains there to the north and west of telluride. you're going to find across the plains some patchy fog early on but skies unlike yesterday are going to clear a lot earlier than they did yesterday. you're going to find by 11:00 we're at 65. mid 70s by 3:00 so ten degrees warmer between noon and 3:00 with plenty of sunshine this afternoon. here's your first alert that this is just the start of warm weather as we head into the weekend. i wish the broncos were here this weekend because it's such a beautiful couple of days. we'll show you what to coming up. >> where's my intro? >> i don't know.
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running smooth in both directions. we are in all green on the maps on 6th avenue in and out of downtown denver. still dealing with the accident, you might want to 3 avoid orchard east of holly on the eastbound side. so you can take arapahoe road or bellevue to get around that. through aurora 225 is looking nice all morning in both directions. we'll take you back to c-dot a shot from 225 and parker road where volume is picking up but no accidents. the search is on for two men who made off with $80,000 in cash. this happened right outside the key bank on arizona place in aurora. the duo robbed a man after he took out the cash for work. they got away in a white lincoln lx with no license plates. these guys were spotted casing a house on monday. they never broke in but tried.
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denver police are stepping up patrols on east colfax avenue. this is after business leaders are pushing for increased police presence. >> nicole brady joins us now from colfax. good morning, nicole. good morning, dale and mitch. denver police have committed an additional 100 hours per week of foot and bike patrol on this stretch of colfax. that's stretch. this is the crime map for denver. this area which is actually right between the north capital hill and capital hill neighborhoods has some of the highest crime density in denver and that includes violent crime. if you look at the incidents you will see there's been assaults, thefts, robberies and a lot of drug and alcohol related crimes. >> i see various parts of colfax and certain parts are
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>> that man lives and works along colfax and these increased patrols could make him feel safer and others as well. we will be watching to see if crime goes down. nicole brady, denver seven. right now we have good news if you live or work up in longmont. the emmrgency sirens that were going off, the loud ones outside have now accident. no emergency in longmont so again, if you have been hearing the sirens ttey have now stopped. so go back to sleep. four man accused in a ransom kidnap haae been moved. they took a 26-year old from a store and held him hos staj for five days. investigators say from the victims family and released the man.
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man is caught taking video of men in three dressing rooms in malls. denver seven talked to one of the victims who helped catch the guy. she says she was in a dressing room at the forever 21 in park meadows when her mom noticed someone recording her with his phone in between the stalls. these are photos of the man responsible. they arrested mitchell mc call disturbing videos of partially nude women. >> i couldn't believe it. i saw the back of an iphone directly peering right at me. >> the da's office says mc call has taken a plea deal and will be sentenced in two weeks the. a new federal lawsuit accuses colorado springs police of racial profiling. they filed the suit based on cell phone video of two black
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of my car, sir? take your hands off of me. i have not did nothing. i have no weapons. you have no reason to pull me out of the car. this is assault. >> turn around. >> you see this? >> the laurt claims colorado springs police handcuffed, searched and pointed a gun at him. . new charges for the epa worker for turning the river orange this summer. the feds say they have evidence this may have violated an act and lied about it. instead of charging him they will send the case to the epa management review. a popular road side stand is regrouping after being wiped out by thieves. the stand is called the roasted chili. the only thing the thieves left
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they even stole huge chili roaster worth 7 thousand dollars. the owner is out about 15 thousand dollars. >> it's sad. they cleaned him out. >> i'm disgusted. i want to catch them. >> if there's one thing about elliott, he is resilient. by late wednesday afternoon he had hired a welder to fix the roaster the thieves broke. he had a new shipment of il business. . a shents came and picked out their own pumpkin and took it back inside. the broncos in san diego taking on the chargers. >> . >> a win would be nice.
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we're dealing with the coach filling in for gary kubiak after suffering from a complex migraine. so kickoff tonight at 6:25 and watch denver 7 at 10:00 with highlights from the game. one t-shirt company is taking advantage of donald trump's comments about women. we'll tell you about the t- shirt getting buzz now. a bag of french fries came with something extra. now a mom wants fast food giant. here in the first alert center, it's a mild warning. 40s now and this afternoon warmer. 70s for highs today. herees your first alert we aren't tracking major storms in the first alert center but we could see more rain on the 7 day. no grumpy drivers yet. p. no grumpy drivers yet. p. the drive before donald trump, there was mike coffman. before trump said
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which could exclude women who were drugged. before trump called for a ban of muslims, coffman pushed for a religious test of u.s. soldiers. and on president obama? trump: he could have been born in kenya. coffman: he's just not an american. stop mike coffman now before he gives trump more ideas. house majority pac is responsible
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a mother in ohio claims her four year old daughter ate pot laced french fries from wendy's. >> the child complained the fries were you ki. she told her to spit them out and the mom looked closer and she was left speechless. >> i thought it was charred french fries but i started
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paper and marijuana in. i i kind of put it up to my nose and you could smell it. >> she called wendy's and the manager laughed and said it couldn't be an employee but police confirmed it was pot in the french fries. wendy's is conducting its own internal investigation. in oregon the owner of a bakery called "fat cupcake" is facing criticism. president". >> what job position would you wear a formal suit to? i thooght the presidential office. what's more elite than that. i never thought or intended or could ever imagine that it would be taken as an insult because really in my mind i was thinking it could be.
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customers concerns saying racism is something she would never support. she changed the name of the cupcake to "the professional". the t-shirt company based in iowa is releasing these new shirts that read watch out donald this one is armed. a cat holding a gun with a line pointed to the cat saying try to grab this. they had several requests to make the tweet from john says "i've switched teams, vote trump 2016". the campaign quickly notified twitter. the hack comes in the midst of stolen e-mails that are being
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kim kardashian says she's been victimized by media take claiming that she faked the robbery and assault all for insurance money. the articles have been removed 3 from the site. it's 5:44. a four year old girl is back with her family this morning days after she was kidnapped and taken 800 miles away. first look. a search for 8 million 00- 0000 potentially exploding airbags on the road right now. -- -- 8 million. several reported incidents of exploding airbags including one that killed a man in canada this summer. arc automotives has failed to
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the agency posting the letter they sent to the company last week raising serious questions regarding quality and integrity of arc's airbag inflators. abc news reached out to them for a comment but didn't receive a response. the latest on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, abc news new york. lisa in the for the same weather today as yesterday? >> it was good napping weather. >> if only i had a chance to nap. >> we had a nice day yesterday but today is different. skies clearing today. what happened was we didn't get temperatures warm enough to mix the atmosphere and get clearing. todaa we're seeing a lot warmer temperatures this afternoon. patchy fog across the plains will be gone.
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tracking 80s on our seven-day forecast. 80s in october -- good stuff. you can see on satellite and radar cloud cover and patchy fog out east. light showers across the mountains this morning. in denver dry conditions. walking out the door to wet roads. today we're in the low to mid 40s and it's dry and wwnds have shifted direction. now coming in out of the southwest, that's what's going to ensure really warm air over the in the mid 40s this morning at the bus stop. your kids will be fine with a sweat shirt. this afternoon they won't need it. in the low to mid 70s and a beautiful day heading home at 3:00. denver 75 and clear skies this afternoon and tonight it will be mild. tomorrow morning we'll see more 40s and 50s. fort collins, greeley, denver at 75. limon a high of 74. 50s and 60s for the mountains
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mountains tomorrow mid to upper 60s, even warmer and highlands ranch 76 this afternoon. aurora hitting 75 and boulder same thing there. some of the skies and clouds turning gone. you can see by 12:00 and 1:00, sunshine up and down the front range. from fort collins south to castle rock, it will be a beautiful afternoon. looking ahead tomorrow, the warmest day on our seven-day forecast. the low 80s. far cry from where we were yesterday. beautiful into the weekend. now, if we are going to see showers we're tracking a better chance in the mountains on saturday. we'll see more cloud cover across the plains saturday and then on sunday mostly sunny and 77. early next week is the next storm. monday temperatures will start to cool just a bit. the winds are going to pick up and it gets gustier before temperatures drop tuesday and
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note. seven-day forecast still not a storm bringing snow to us in denver. the mountains will see some next week but so far a very mild fall. >> we need the moisture. >> we do, you're right it's dry. taking a look at traffic this morning. starting to pick up at i-25 and colorado boulevard. no major accidents. take a look at the map. the whole drive into green, north and southbound, still got the accident right there orchard east of holly in the eastbound lanes. not too significant causing too many problems. commerce city looking good. just checked dia wait times, about 20 minutes now. this is one of the weird times that are actually busy around 6:00 in the morning. so get to the airport early if you're flying out early this one more spot from you, i-25 and low gab, traffic picking up but running smoothly. this next video shows us how cruel the world can be
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how compassionate it can be. an elderly man falls to the ground on a business miami street. car swerve around him and keep going never stopping to check to see if he's okay. there was one good samaritan who ran to help the man. >> i thought why are people not stopping? not just to help him, why aren't they stopping because there's a man lying in the road. he could have over. i ask for help from god every day so when you have the opportunity to help someone else, you have to take it. >> the man gets out to help. he flags down the drivers and lifts the man up and help him make it to the side of the road safely. the man who stopped to help says he's thankful it wasn't worse. kids and parents in wiss with are thankful this morning after a school bus driver saved lives.
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a dozen kids inside. mike young managed o get every kid out unharmed. as a thank you, the kids wrote notes to thh driver thanking him. >> thank you for getting us off the bus in time. you saved us. you are a hero. everybody is thanking me but i want to make the biggest thank you to every kid on this bus that you were great. that's really who needs to thank. >> officials still don't know why the >> he's been a volunteer for over 25 years. >> after the break we're going to introduce you to this week's
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heel haling happens on many levell in a hospital, even in the gift shop. >> i think it's totally about our mission of caring for not just the patient but the patient's family and staff caring for the patient.
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saint joseph's hospital in denver. >> she's been a volunteer for over 25 years. . which includes 17,000 hours plus of volunteer service. >> i wanted to do volunteer work. her family always turned to saint joe's in denver for their medical needs. >> when i moved up here it was natural to come here to volunteer. spirit and brought work with the volunteers. she has this vigor about life and naturalness about life which i think comes from those roots. she's a fundraiser and she's helped to raise money for the new hospital that we're standing in. she's just a great person. >> i enjoy the people. there are a lot of people that are having hard times and you
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joy in their life. >> we have a surprise for you. % denver seven and trusted choice, the independent insurance agents of colorado would like to honor you as a seven every every day day hero for the time you give. we are looking for holiday heroes to feature in decembee. people write me december 23rd and say can you come our story? go to our website, and click someone you know that is great. >> yesterday was the first day it reelly felt like okay it's october and getting close to wintertime. >> yeah, we're in the 80s on friday so don't get that thought in your head. >> it's confusing. colorado weather at its best in october. as you're getting the kids
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but not like yesterday. we won't see the cloud cover all day long. wear a sweatshirt this morning. mid 70s by this afternoon. a warmer day and plenty of sunshine this afternoon. denver at 75. longmont today at 78. they got the emergency alerts malfunction under control up there this morning which is good. tech center at 73. in aurora today 75. most areas are seeing highs it's sunny and warm and how we started the week a touch cooler this weekend and mid to upper 70s satuuday and sunday. air tracker seven in the air. they were rounded yesterday because of the fog. this is a look at 36 and sheridan. looks great heading into downtown from broomfield and boulder. the mile high cam up and running this morning as well. you can see traffic is running fine in both directions in i-25
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70 at pecos. the tip of the volume starting to pick up. typical slowing on i-25. thanks eric. here's what we're working on for denver seven at 6:00 a.m. a father in ohio is criticized for the way he told his son his mom died from a heroin overdose. new details on a kansas sheriff's deputy brutally assaulted and kidnapped. the attackers
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who says i shouldn't have a soda everyday? my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. wait, i know what i want. make sparkling water at home. and drink 43% more water every day.
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we're tracking news from arapahoe county. a 17-year old was shot around midnight on east florida avenue. deputies are looking for two black men who took off in a silver chevy impa la. . tomahawk missiles were launched to knock out three coastal radar sites off yemen. this comes after rebels fired missiles earlier this week at a u.s. navy destroyer. this will be the first direct military action. the group says it did not attack our navy.


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